Solid Surface

Solid Surfaces are available in over 100 different colours, with the pattern and colour running throughout the surface. Bespoke shapes can be created thus making it a Designer & Architect’s dream.

Solid surfaces can be sculpted into dramatic curves and exciting shapes which are completely seamless. Creating a naturally flowing appearance that not only looks amazing but also is completely waterproof and very easy to clean.

Solid surface as a material has many advantages for domestic kitchen and bathroom worktops and commercial applications. It is non- porous which means it will never stain and is totally hygienic and sanitary, you can clean it with anything- no special soaps or cleaners are required.

Solid Surfaces have seamless joins, this enables you to design large kitchen islands and not worry about visible join lines, sinks can also be seamlessly integrated into the worktop which not only look beautiful, but is again hygienic and durable.