Solid Surface

What it is & why you should choose it for your project

Commercial Solid Surface Fabrication

Solid Surfaces are available in hundreds of different colours, feature traditional and contemporary finishes and have some amazing properties:

Solid Surface is a sheet-material that Solid Surface Fabricators like VH Surfaces transform into beautiful, striking end-products. These can be Kitchen Countertops (it’s most common use), Healthcare Centres, Leisure Facilities, Operating Theatres, Light Fittings, Architecture and so much more.

Made from a mix of Minerals and Resins (the receipt varies from Manufacturer to Manufacturer but Alumina Tri-Hydrate is the most common mineral used) and then formed into large sheets, it has the ability be joined-together with inconspicuous joints (depends on finish chosen) but has the feature that you will NEVER feel the joint!

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic and subsequent Lockdown, clients in both Residential and Commercial instances are becoming more and more health-conscious and are looking for ever-suitable materials. With the choice of Solid Surface, you get these amazing benefits:

Uniform Colour utilising the latest batch-matching technology at source

Distinctive Colours and Finishes that would be otherwise impossible

The ability to develop complex-shapes using the latest in Thermoforming technology

There is ZERO Silica in the composition and creation of Solid Surfaces; something that is becoming more and more important for fabricators’ health & safety (Australia has already banned the use of Silica-Based construction materials, and other Countries all over the world will soon follow-suit, as employee-health is further protected)

Fantastic UV-Properties meaning that you can create outdoor spaces with Solid Surface and be safe in the knowledge that the material doesn’t fade or bleach like other surfaces would*

To discuss your requirement, whether they be residential for a new Kitchen Countertop, Dining and Coffee Tables, Dresser Table-tops, and for Commercial Uses, please use the ‘Contact‘ page to get in touch!

*Depending on Colour and finish

Solid Surface has the properties that you never even knew you needed!

There are so many bonuses to having such a versatile surface as part of your project; suffice it to say that choosing any of the Solid Surface finishes that we offer will result in the space looking Dramatic, Elegant, Contemporary and have a lasting finish.

In commercial environments a surface material is needed that requires practically ZERO-maintenance; Solid Surface delivers this very specific characteristic, and with a Solid-Surface Care Kit from VH Surfaces, you can buff and clean the surface to make it like new (light scratches can be buffed, deeper marks will need to be re-sanded by a professional surface installer, like those employed by VH Surfaces).

Using various techniques to accomplish the desired shape, colour and texture, Solid Surface is able to fill many gaps that other materials cannot hope to fill.

Sandblasting is one such operation that can be applied to Solid Surface to achieve a tumbled-stone appearance, whereas Thermoforming for example, can provide a one-piece item of furniture with stone-like appearance that the actual stone material would be prohibitively expensive, produce many parts-per-million of silica dust during its creation and would weigh in the hundreds of Kilos; Solid Surface can achieve a longer-lasting look for much less outlay and far kinder to users and fabricators-alike.

See the details on our ‘Applications‘ page to see just what you can do with Solid Surfaces fabricated in the West Midlands by VH Surfaces.